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Canon Name: Deuce Gorgon
Work Name: Snakes
Canon: Monster High

Age/Sex/Gender: 16/Male/Male
Weight: 150lbs-ish?
Species/Supernatural Qualities:Deuce is 100% Gorgon like his mother, and because he is his mother's son he was born with her gift of turning things into stone as well. His powers aren't as strong as his mother's though and when he stones someone it usually only lasts up to a day, a week at the max.

Point Total:
Other Notes:


Platonic Physical Contact: He might be startled and his snakes might hiss at you, but go ahead.
Romantic/Sexual Physical Contact: You can, but Deuce will decline the person right away.
Violent Physical Contact: Hey every teen needs to fight once in a while, right?
Mindreading: Sure he doesn't really have anything to hide except his love for cooking
IC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: Deuce doesn't like anyone taking off his sunglasses. It's a really sensitive thing for him. So be aware that if you do it purposely he will get very angry.
OOC Personal Boundaries/Warnings:Not that I can think of.
Other Notes: Deuce has stone cold style?


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Name/Work Name: Deuce Gorgon / Snakes
Canon: Monster High
Canon Point: Episode 138
AU/CRAU: Neither one
Age: 16


Basic info: Deuce Gorgon

The monster high series has a bit of information and different places that it comes from. There is a book series and the websodes/doll lines. The book series is kind of like an AU version of the Webisode series that is put out. A lot of the things are different between the two series like characters, personalities, and powers. So to save the trouble of having to search through everything, here is a bit of history based on the webisodes and doll line information.

In the world of Monster High, the horror monsters people know about from movies are actually real, like Dracula, The Werewolf and many many more like them. The teens that go to this school are actually children of all these famous monsters, Deuce being one of them. He is the son of Medusa the Gorgon. Not only did he inherit his mother's lovely hair style, but he was also born with the power to turn things into stone.

One might think this type of power that Deuce has is an amazing gift, but it wasn't always something Deuce rejoiced about. When Deuce was a young child, he once had a pet dragon that he affectionately named Smokey. The two of them were inseparable. Deuce would play with this affectionate dragon every day. One day when they were rough housing and playing around, Smokey knocked the sunglasses Deuce always wore right off his face, and since he was just a child he had no control over his powers at all. He turned his pet into stone accidentally and now that dragon is hidden in the catacombs under the high school. His mother told him that Smokey would come back one day on the anniversary, but it's been over ten years and the dragon is still stoned. Also, in a diary entry written by Deuce's cousin Viperine, she mentions that Deuce and his mother are actually the only Gorgons with this power.

Deuce lives with his mother and there is never a mention of him having a father, though he does have a bunch of family roaming around Greece which he goes to visit every summer. In his diary entries he is often complaining about his mother and in the "Ghouls Rule" movie he even mentions to his girlfriend that families are complicated showing that him and his mother don't have the best of relationships. Despite the fact that they don't get along or even see eye to eye a lot, Medusa must have done something right in raising Deuce, because he has turned out to be a pretty good guy.

Now that he's older he attends a school called Monster High, a school for monsters of all kind to learn and get along with each other. Most students agree that Deuce is one of the most popular guys at this school. He's dating the most popular girl in the school who happens to be the Cheer captain of the Fearleading team. He's Co-captain of the Casketball (Basketball) team, and just an all around cool guy.

Personality: Deuce is your typical cool guy teenager, with a lot of heart, the patience of a saint, and a killer hair style. He's pretty laid back and takes everything one step at a time. He's friendly with everyone he meets and greets everyone he sees in the hallway with a "Hey dude" or a " Whats up bro?" The Students of Monster High would even go as far as to say he is the most popular and likeable guy at their school. Deuce is a reliable and totally loyal monster who is always there to help out a friend. When one of his friends is having some sort of problem, Deuce is usually the person they will go to to listen.

His close guy friends usually come to him with their girl problems and Deuce tries to give them the best help he can. Some examples of this are like the time when his friend Clawd thought his girlfriend Draculara was going to breakup with him because of some rumor and Deuce told him to chill out because a rumor was just a rumor and she wouldn't just ditch him like that or when his friend Gil had lied to his girlfriend. Deuce let him complain and let out all of his worries and gave him his full attention and a concerned "Dude that's rough."

Not only is he good with giving advice to his friends about their own lovelife, but he's pretty good at dealing with his own. Deuce has a girlfriend named Cleo who can be a bit rude and selfish at times. It's due to the fact that she is royalty. Her alone is example enough to how Deuce has way too much patience for one ghoul. Cleo is a very bossy ghoul and usually gets Deuce to do whatever she wants. She is proned to over-reacting to the littlest things, and just wigging out when things get to be too stressful, but Deuce doesn't let it phase him. He loves her with all of his heart and is completely faithful to her.

Once a girl at school even asked him why he puts up with Cleo because they are just complete opposites in personality and the reply he gave her was that he loved her. She made him want to become a better Deuce. Every once in a while the two of them will have a big fight because Cleo reacted to something her family said or some rumor about Deuce popped up, but after the initial annoyance to her not trusting him, he always takes her back.

At Monster High, the kids there are suppose to be accepting of one another and celebrating each other's differences, but just like in most schools, there are a lot of kids that bully others for their differences instead. Deuce is all for accepting everyone's differences. He never judges another ghoul because of what they are or what they look like and he'd probably be the first one to tell them how cool they were. One day when his school got a new kid named Jackson that transfered to the school, lots of the monsters bullied the new kid and made him feel really small, all because he was a normie ( Monster word for normal person). Even the kid's cousin didn't want him sitting with him because he found it embarrassing. Deuce told him that acting like that wasn't right at all. He told him they couldn't just stone wall his cousin like that and called out to Jackson telling him he could totally sit with them at lunch. Deuce doesn't care about things like being a normie. As long as anyone is a good person he's completely accepting of them.

Deuce has some pretty typical hobbies as well. He's very athletic and is actually the co-captain of the school's basketball team. He's into a few other sports around the school as well. Despite being this popular cool dude that everyone looks up to, Deuce has some hobbies he's embarrassed by too. Him and his close guy friends enjoy playing the Monster High's version of Dungeons and Dragons in the grave yard where no one can find them. He also has a big passion for cooking. Whenever he gets the chance to cook at home he usually takes it, but he would never want that getting out to anyone. He feels cooking would ruin his cool guy image.

Deuce is just a sweet and carring guy. He's always there when you need him and does his best to never let someone down. He's just a typical teenager with a good head on his shoulders. He just wants to chill out with his friends and girlfriend and enjoy life at Monster High.

Debt: He heard from the Witch that a friend of his from home was here and he wanted to save him.
Suitability: For the most part it wouldn't really bother Deuce too much. He's a pretty laid back ghoul. It might annoy him a little to have to be bossed around by the Witch, but in the end he would feel like it's for a good cause, because he always has his friend's back, and if being bossed around by the Witch means it protects his friend, then he's going to deal with it.

Inventory: The clothes on his back, his shades ( that keep him from stoning things), his pet perseus, and an iCoffin (Monster version of an iPhone)

Abilities, Strengths, and Weaknesses:
Deuce isn't your normal teenage boy. Yes, he is popular, athletic and even a co-captain of his school's basketball team, but he has another little ability hiding up his sleeve, or rather behind his sunglasses. Deuce is a monster, but not just any monster. He is the son of the famous Medusa and inherited her stoning abilities. Just one look without his sunglasses on and anything turns into stone. He uses it to his advantage when wanting to mess around or to punish a friend when they are being too much.

This ability of his is also a weakness though. He is still a young monster and still doesn't have full control over his powers, though he can control them much better than when he was younger. There have been many times in the series where Deuce's sunglasses were knocked off his face causing bad things to happen. He either turns one of his buddies into stone, or he ends up stoning an object that ends up hurting the buddy. Despite the fact that this stoning usually only lasts a few hours ( a couple days at the most), its something he's very self-conscious about. It's something he feels guilty about and because of that, he gets really mad when anyone attempts or succeeds at taking off his shades. Also, Deuce is also susceptible to his own powers. Twice in the series he ended up turning into stone himself because of his powers.

His power isn't the only thing he has going on for him as well. He has scales on the top of his head and snakes on top of that. All of them are alive and active. Deuce has fashioned his into what he likes to call a Snakehawk. When he gets angry they get angry. When he's feeling sad they'll slump over. He even feeds then and gives them sips of his soda. With a simple snap of his fingers he can get them to chill out. It makes things a little difficult when meeting people who aren't used to monsters, so when he's out and about, he usually wears a hoodie to cover them up.


Characterization Sample:

First person example:

Prose example:

Deuce was sitting at his group table during study howl. His friends Clawd and Gil were talking about some game that just came out, but Deuce wasn’t really listening. He had something else on his mind. Today marked the tenth year anniversary of a sad day for him. It was the day he accidently turned his pet dragon Smokey into stone. It had been ten whole years without that big affectionate ball of fun. Deuce had Smokey’s favorite ball in his hand and was squeezing it under the table as his mind wandered.

He really missed that dragon. For the longest time he was Deuce’s only friend. When Deuce would come by, Smokey would tackle him and lick his face all over. They’d play catch all day and Deuce taught him a bunch of tricks. At night when his mother went to bed, he would sneak out of his bedroom and into Smokey's room just to curl up and sleep with the dragon. The two of them were really close.

Then it happened. It was the worst day in Deuce's life. Deuce was so young and he didn’t have control over his powers very well yet. On this day, Deuce had been playing with his dragon like usual, but then something out of the ordinary happened. Smokey became extra affectionate while they were playing catch and knocked Deuce’s sunglasses off his face, causing him to turn Smokey to stone. Deuce will never be able to forget that day. He turned his best friend into stone and he was still stuck that way. His mother had told him that on an anniversary related to Smokey, he would turn back to normal but...

He was shaken from his train of thoughts by his buddy Clawd who gave him a worried look. “ Hey man, are you alright? I’ve been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes. The bell just rang, you know.”

Deuce laughed and rubbed the back of his neck. He couldn't believe he let himself get that distracted. He tried to play it off though. He just gave Clawd a grin and replied, “ Hey man, yeah I was just thinking about the Casketball Game we have later. That’s all.”

He slipped the ball back into his bag and gathered up the rest of his stuff. Then he got up to leave with Clawd and Gil to their next class. It was decided. He would go see Smokey today, and maybe, just maybe today would be the day Smokey came back to him.


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